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Chinese Life Course Intermediate
Hello Daily

App Features:
1.Hello Daily Intermediate is a daily Chinese course that has been specially designed for Intermediate Chinese learners. The teachings are an expansion of the daily life of John and his family in Shanghai. It contains 15 lessons, and each lesson consists of five modules of new words, knowledge points, text, Flash video and practice. The course’s text section is divided into two parts. Text 1 comes in the form of a conversation that develops in a certain life circumstance. The second part of the text, however, is a monologue and follows very closely with the content from part one.
2.The daily Chinese course is convenient for learning on the go, as it is fully compatible with mobile phone platforms and can be used with a “stop for now and finish later” study approach.
3.TCFL teachers can also introduce Hello Daily courses as teaching material for intermediate Chinese students.

What's New:
1.choose the corresponding level to learn courses.
2.fragmentized memorization of new words, learn with corresponding example sentences.
3.learn the text, and accumulate relevant knowledge points.
4.supporting test to learn about how well the students have mastered the knowledge. complete Flash video to easily consolidate what was previously learned.

Applicable to Android 2.3 and above
Requires iOS 6.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch.