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   Version: 1.2 2014/01/17
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It is hard to comprehend the Chinese four tones? Don’t worry. Let the mighty Wukong Sun to solve the difficulty with
you!FollowWukong and explore the Shengdiao Island, breaking through the learning test one by one. Learning is full of
fun and effective!With excellent games and glaring cartoons, the repeated exercises will be no more boring at all.We
also have statistical table of learning progress which make the difficulty point and weak point clear and obvious to
every learner.Covering the Chinese Pinyin and common Chinese words and phrases, from the easy part to the difficult
part, you will handle the four tones in playing our games even before you know it!

Rich content of Learning exercises:

Full tone exercises of the entire vowels
The tone exercises of the common single syllable characters
The tone exercises of the common double syllable characters
The tone exercises of the common multi-syllable characters
All the common Chinese characters and words are from the 500 most frequently used Modern Chinese words recorded by Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.

AS a professional team:

We havemore than 10 Childhood Chinese teachers focusing on the designof the learning schedule which combines the professional game with targeted knowledge goals and rich content for learning!
We have professional animation design team creating the cartoons! Exquisite screen and the cool animation make your learning far more thrilling!
We have professional dubbing speakers who are of A-level standard in the field of Putonghuapronunciation.
We have special Childhood advisory group designing and creating the game, making it most suitable for children's psychological characteristics.

Overall statistical table of learning progress:

1. Every knowledge point can be learned individually;
2. An individual learning process and calculation table can be seen as soon as you finish one learning test.
3. The difficult point and weak point can be seen on the table.
"XIYOU Chinese"series products are owned by HanSheng kids, HanShengCompany.
We focus on teaching Chinese and mostly on game-based Chinese learning.Here is our goal:Explore your interest to learn!


Requires iOS 4.3 or later. Compatible with iPad.