Hello HSK courses

Hello HSK courses are the training courses for students who intend to take part in the HSK (Chinese proficiency test). The courses include a unique classification learning system with a 4-million-word question bank and meticulously explained answers, 30 sets of simulated tests as well as 60 sets of past exam papers.
You can take full advantage of the courses here provided by Hello HSK. Good luck on your exam!

Hello HSK course structure description:

Hello HSK courses are separated into 6 levels, from level 1(the entry level )to level 6 (the highest level).

Level 1 and level 2 are the entry level, focus on the overall training; each level from level 3 to level 6 has four sub-courses, which are Listening, Reading, Writing and Official examination.

Listening, Reading and Writing courses include four sections respectively: Examination tips, Key words, Common phrases and Practice with detailed answer explanations.

Hello HSK course classification description:

According to the purpose of HSK Test "to promote teaching through test", Hello HSK has combined frequently tested content with daily expressions , and reorganized and reedited them in terms of 9 dimensions, including degrees of difficulty, type, question type, scenario and function etc, which have finally formed a unique classification method.

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Hello HSK self-study process description:

Step 1, select the level you want to study. If you are not sure, you can take the Hello Test to test your Chinese proficiency.

Step 2, select the part you want to train: Listening/Reading/Writing. You can also participate in mock exam before the real exam.

Step 3, study according to the guidelines based on Hello HSK classification method. For example, in the level four-listening course, select "time" theme and you will get "time"-related training exercises.

Step 4, free explanations for the questions that you are prone to get the wrong answers are available for you. If you still do not understand or need further guidance, you can contact Hello HSK teachers through "Ask teachers now","Education center",and"Community"


Application of Hello HSK system in teaching:

For international Chinese language teachers, Hello HSK is a supplement system rich of teaching resources. Teachers could get access to a large number of exercises of different levels, categories and question types through our search function. We provide extra service for teachers, including downloading of test papers in PDF format, teaching instruction references and remote teaching platform service. For more help, Please contact us.

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After this course, you will be able to ......

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"Our professionalism and experience, along with our faith and care for your HSK, brings you genuine HSK experience."
—— 郁葱葱(Hansheng Chinese chief editor)