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The HSChinese group has devoted themselves to creating truly effective online Chinese language learning products for the whole world. We have top-quality services that not only bring learners highly efficient online courses, but also provides offline educational services according to the learners’ own needs.

  • Our Main Online Products:

●Hello HSK – Specifically designed to prepare learners to take and pass the HSK (Chinese language proficiency test)

  1. Includes HSK levels 1 – 6, with online, App-based and offline learning materials as well as subscription-based services.
  2. Provides HSK vocabulary, listening, reading, exercises and mock HSK test questions as well as progress reports.
  3. Provides learners with the ability to ask a real Chinese teacher for help or essay correction at any time.
  4. Provides a speech community where learners can do exercises for the HSKK (oral Chinese proficiency test), and practice pronunciation as well as consult with real Chinese teachers at any time.
  5. Provides teachers with Chinese language teaching materials and exercises for after class.

Click here for Hello HSK self-study guide and teaching instructions:http://www.hschinese.com/en/guard/hsk

●Hello Daily – Specifically designed to help Chinese language learners go from not knowing any Chinese, to being at an upper-intermediate level.

  1. Includes 3 levels; elementary (HSK1-2), beginners (HSK 3-4), intermediate (HSK4-5), with online, App based and offline learning materials as well as subscription-based services.
  2. The courses are based on the life of an American named John and his family’s life in Shanghai, China. Every lesson includes vocabulary, knowledge points, text, video, and exercises.
  3. With its mobile phone platform, it’s great for learning on the go: start, stop, and then continue the lesson again later at your own convenience.
  4. Chinese language teachers can use Hello Daily courses as classroom teaching material.

Click here for Hello Daily self-study guide and teaching instructions:http://www.hschinese.com/en/guard/daily

●Yep! Chinese – Break away from traditional styles of learning with this entertaining podcast for learning Chinese.

  1. Includes 5 levels; beginner, elementary, intermediate, upper-intermediate and advanced, with online, App and subscription based services.
  2. Includes 3 sections; Learn, Discover, and Explore. The “Learn” section, which covers many topics, is based on conversations between the podcast host and a professional Chinese teacher. Every episode is 15 minutes long and can help students learn modern and useful spoken Chinese. The “Discover” section goes into Chinese proverbs, topics related to everyday life, and helps learners to understand Chinese culture. The “Explore” section talks about Chinese news and gives learners an understanding of Chinese society today.

●Hello Teacher – A section for those teaching Chinese as a second language that provides an abundance of teaching materials available for download.

   a) Includes pinyin cards, character cards, vocabulary cards, and other teaching tools, as well as web and subscription based services.

●Other Featured Apps – Other Apps developed by HSChinese to help learners learn Chinese anywhere, anytime.

  1. Hello Words vocabulary series: Hello Words, HSK 1 vocab, HSK 2 vocab, HSK 3 vocab, HSK 4 vocab, HSK 5 vocab, HSK 6 vocab, daily Chinese vocab, and business Chinese vocab.
  2. Games for learning Chinese: Xiyou Chinese, Tone exercise, Pop Chinese 1, Pop Chinese 1 HD.
  3. Chinese pronunciation series: Chinese Sound
  • Our Online Services:

●Education Center – One on one Skype courses available for reservation.

●Mock Chinese Tests – Take a Chinese quiz to determine your level. Take a mock HSK test before the official test to get a feel for the real thing.

●Store – Download Chinese materials related to study and life.

●Mobile App – All HSChinese study Apps available for download.

●Academic Institution – Reserve offline class services.