User Protocol

I、I Acknowledgement and Acceptance

The proprietary and operating rights of all services covered on HSChinese website shall be owned by us. Services will be fully provided in strict compliance with the terms of service as well as operating rules posted on the website. In order to become an official user, users must fully consent to all the terms of service and complete the log-in procedure. Users shall acknowledge that provisions herein are certainly promissory basis for the rights and obligations of both parties, and they shall be always remain legally binding unless otherwise in violation of any of the state mandatory legislation. Upon registration, users also hereby confirm the voluntary acceptance of all contents in this Protocol.

II、Brief Introduction of Services

Services on this website are provided to users via international Internet. Users must:

A、Prepare necessary networking devices on their own, including PC, modem or other necessary devices.

B、Bear telephone fees or network fees in relation to any networking service on their own. Based on the importance of services provided on this website, users shall consent to:

A、Provide personal data necessary for having class.

B、Constantly update the registration data on a timely, exhaustive and accurate basis.

IIIUser's Account Password and the Security

Users will become our valid user upon successful registration. You may at any time change your password according to the instructions. Users will be solely responsible for the security of their user name and password as well as any activity or any event conducted in their user name. Please keep us promptly informed when users detect any illegal utilization of user account or any security vulnerability.

IV、Privacy Policy for Users

Respecting users’ privacy is one of our basic policies. In order to protect the users’ private information such as e-mail address or mobile phone numbers, we hereby covenant that we will not lease or sell any of the said private information to any third party without the user’s consent, however, excluding the following circumstances:

A、the user agrees with the sharing with a third party;

B、the user agrees to make their private information public and enjoy products and services therefore provided;

C、the user is detected to constitute a violation of any terms of service or any other regulation of use.

V、Prohibited Conducts

(1)Conduct of transferring, utilizing by or selling the right of use to any other user

(2)Conduct of infringing our reputation, credibility, trademark rights, copyrights or any other legitimate rights

(3)Conduct of violating public order or good morals

(4)Conduct of restraining us from providing services

(5)Conduct of making profits or speculation of our services

(6)Conduct constituting a crime or in relation to a crime

(7)Conduct of offending our teachers with offensive language

(8)Conduct of contacting our teacher in private by the user him/her self, or through an agent.

(9)Conduct of prying our trade secret in any way

(11)Other conducts deemed to be inappropriate by us

VI、Appointment, Cancellation and Truancy

All courses shall be appointed by the user through self-services online; and a successfully appointed course cannot be cancelled within 2 hours before the start of the class. The absence within the first 10 minutes after the start of the class shall be considered as playing truant:

If the user skips a course which was appointed by HS coins, these coins shall not be refunded.

If the user is absent for 3 times accumulatively during the monthly flat rate package, the validity period equaling to one day will be deducted from such package.

If the appointed course cannot be offered due to our reason, we are liable to compensate points or extend the validity period accordingly.

VII、No Guarantee

Users shall be solely responsible to take the risk of using online services. Based on the above, we hereby provide no guarantee of any type, explicitly or implicitly, but without restriction to any commercial implicit guarantee, or any appropriate guarantee with specific purpose as well as with no violation of any regulation. We do not guarantee that our services will certainly satisfy the users’ requirements, nor do we guarantee that our services will not be interrupted. In addition, we also provide no guarantee for the timeliness, security or error of our services, as well as any commodity shopping service or transaction process.

VIII、Force Majeure

In case of any emergency beyond our will and control occurring at the region where the foreign teacher sits and who shall be providing a course at that time, such as natural disaster or political turmoil, we have the right to postpone or suspend the corresponding service.

IX、Termination of Services

Users or we may at any time suspend one part or parts of services according to actual circumstances. We may at any time suspend the service without taking any liability for any individual or third party. Where users object to terms modified later on or become unsatisfied with our services, they may exercise any of the following rights:

A、Stop using our web services.

B、Inform us to stop serving a specific user. He/she has no right to use our web services any more immediately effective upon the termination of such services. Since then, such user has no right to request us, and we do not have any obligation, to deliver any unprocessed information or provide uncompleted services to him/her or a third party.

X、Limitation of Liability

If force majeure or any other reason out of control occurs, thus causing our system to crash or malfunction and leading to the failure of online transactions or loss of relevant information or records, we shall not be held liable for this. But we will assist in coping with subsequent problems as much as reasonably, and use our best endeavor to protect users from any economic loss.

XI、Governing Law

The execution, performance and interpretation of this protocol as well as dispute resolution shall be governed by the laws of People's Republic of China.

In case of any term of service conflicts with PRC laws, such term shall be fully redefined according to the laws and regulations, and other legitimate terms shall still have the legal binding force on users.

Provisions therein shall be deemed to be severable. If any provision is ruled to be null and void or unenforceable, it shall be deleted from this protocol, with the remaining provisions continuing to be implemented.

Any dispute arising in relation to the content or performance of this protocol shall be settled by both parties through friendly consultation; and if failed to do so, either party may submit the dispute to the people's court in a place where our website is located.