What is Hansheng VIP?

What is Hansheng VIP?

Being a VIP of HSChinese, users can enjoy all the learning products here and the service of teacher’s help on queries during the VIP period. There are four options for the purchase of VIP: 1-month-VIP, 3-month-VIP, 6-month-VIP and 12-month-VIP. The learning services during the VIP period include the following:

1. Full access to online study of HSChinese products.(only for current level).
(One account on HSChinese can be used to log in all the products here, including website, App download and login, etc.)

2. Online live lessons of all the products.

3. Service of online teacher’s help to answer queries

4. Free professional essay correcting service once

Privilege:Ordinary User vs VIP
Service Ordinary user VIP
Hello HSK Online Study Course Partial All (only for current level)
HSK Pre-exam Live Tutoring Lesson (Coming soon) $3.99-$5.99/time Free(reservation required)
Hello Daily Online Study Course Partial All(primary, intermediate, advanced)
Hello Daily Live Tutoring Lesson (Coming soon) $5.99/time Free(reservation required)
Professional Essay Correcting Service Additional purchase One time free
Teacher’s Help on Queries Unavailable Free
App Products Partial All
Email Subscription of Mini-Course Partial All
Message Notification Service of HSChinese Partial All(including all the promotion activities, etc.)
VIP Price List:
1-month-VIP 3-month-VIP 6-month-VIP 12-month-VIP
$9.99 $26.99 $49.99 $89.99