HSKK Beginner 04 December 2016

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大家好!Yesterday, I took HSKK Beginner at Ateneo Confucius Institute here in Makati, Philippines. I find the test challenging and at the same I realized it requires your full attention (like any other examinations). One of the challenges that I had during the examination was the noise coming from other examinees. Since we were taking the same test the first part seemed like it was being mentioned twice instead of once. And the problem there is that you tend to listen to them to at least have an advantage in the exam. But, the idea was totally wrong. My focus and attention mixed up and I kind of got lost at the middle. I tried to compose myself again by pressing the headset more on to my ears so I can hear less of the outside noise and focus on the examination itself. The next part was listen and respond, more challenging but I think I did better here than the first part there were times that I still overhear the other examinees and it's really distracting. The last part was about these two questions.
1. 你每天都做运动吗?为什么?
2. 你喜欢旅游吗?你最想去几月旅游?
These questions are written on the questionnaire and corresponding pinyins were also given. We were given 7 minutes to prepare for these questions and I think around 1.5-2 minutes to answer. I was able to write down my answers on my paper but I'm sure there grammar lapses on it. I hope this entry helps you or somewhat gave you an idea on how the test feels or looks like if you are planning to take HSKK in the future. Let me know if you have any questions or if you have any tips for me in studying/improving my spoken Chinese and grammar. 谢谢!

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hao xue xi

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Anything I can help?

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你好!认识你很高兴,现在我也学习HSKK 考试。要看什么 题目。

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你好? mongol hvn bn uu

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Hi po! I'm from Philippines too. I also took Hskk last last month. And nahirapan din ako ng sobra. And this June I'm going to take Hsk4 na sobrang hirap.

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Wow! Nice :) good luck!

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Khwar tana agaim kat e language tan sota gaiak maa kadin 谢谢

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Kos nanit

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你好! How can I help you?

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Just an update - I got my results last Wednesday and I passed! Although it's not enough for my goal since I am planning to take a scholarship in China. I will be retaking HSKK Beginner and this time more confident and more prepared. :)

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Congratulations!You can find some useful information about China University in our web :http://www.startwithchina.com/

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Best regards.

HSChinese Team 

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